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In this post I will teach you to use one of the tools that has become absolutely essential to my daily life in online marketing: I’m talking about SEMRush.

It helps me not only to analyze my competitors in detail, but also to find some amazing niche markets then try to monetize to earn above.


SEMRush is not a free tool, but do not pay to not get anything in return: the benefits it offers more than offset the price.

Try SEMRush Free for 2 weeks!

I spoke with the SEMRush team, and I got a free trial of the tool for 2 weeks for readers. Just click here and sign up! Do not miss this opportunity, it is one of the best tools on the market 😉

Oh well .. Let’s go to the point that if not here the introduction becomes eternal hahaha 😀

Using SEMRush

First of all, if you do not know me yet, you should know that I’ve pretty much used all the tools for SEO and online marketing that exist on the market. From Searchmetrics in Market Samurai, through Moz, etc … I am not the typical person quite false that tells you that the other tools are disgusting to make you buy what entertaine …

I recommend SEMRush because it seems the easiest, fastest, and full of all the tools that I have tested. Let me explain 2 of the different uses that you can do to SEMRush :

Use SEMRush to find a market niche. The steps to follow to find a niche market are:

  • Analyze a very popular site on the subject that interests us (directly or wikipedia because it is a large site about any subject in practice hehehe)
  • Filter the keywords that gives us SEMRush, making sure to restrict your search to keywords with no more than 15,000 monthly searches and a difficulty of 0.6: keywords with more monthly searches are not niches of course, while keywords with the most difficult to place 0.6 is not worth wasting time (having more easy)

At this point SEMRush will show us a table with the remaining keywords and a series of important columns as:

  1. The number of monthly searches
  2. the CPC
  3. The difficulty that presents that keyword to be positioned
  4. The seasonal nature: that is, if it is a keyword that reflects the point in time (eg. The research on “Mykonos” begin around March and almost disappear in September).
  5. Choose / and keyword / key and that interest us and create for ourselves a website 😉

The other way to find good niche market is, knowing about that topic we want to write, directly search the word.

In this case SEMRush will provide us with a list of key words and phrases that contain our term: as I explain in the video is cheaper to export the list to a .csv file and then copy all the phrases / words on Namecheap and see which domains are still available . Sometimes you manage to record some really great that give an excellent boost to our niche.

Two tips:

1- Buy your domain name service Namecheap because it is much cheaper and faster to register.
2- If, in addition to the domain, you also need un’hosting then instead of registering the site with Namecheap, do it with Siteground will give you a FREE domain with the hosting. In the resource page explain why use these firms.
Use SEMRush to create an Adwords campaign

The SEMRush features

  1. SEMRush help you to find who are your competitors and benchmark them for you
  2. SEMRush is available in 21 languages
  3. The analysis of longtail keywords is very complete
  4. You can register and use the free version (offers 10 daily searches and obviously not with all data).
  5. What to say? If you have $ 69 (50 €) to spend, do it absolutely. In one month it will be able to use enough to find all the niches that you need.

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide to SEMRush. For any questions, write a comment to this post and I will be happy to answer 😉

I suggest you then subscribe to the newsletter where, among other things, recommend the best tools that I find on the market 😉

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